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Installation and commissioning

Our possibilities:

  1. We carry out professional commissioning and installation of our shipboard and land-based equipment.
  2. We can carry out commissioning separately from the installation, but in addition we always check if the equipment is installed correctly.

Commissioning has to be done by professionals.
RPG engineers will set up work, carry out all the necessary pre-launch tests and checks.

Features of installation and commissioning on board ships
To work in accordance with approved documentation

All work on modernization / replacement of equipment and systems, as well as in shipbuilding, is carried out strictly in accordance with the approved technical documentation; all drawings must be approved. Coordination and approval of documentation is carried out by the authorities for the classification and survey of ships.

Technical supervision

All installation work is accompanied by technical supervision of surveyors of related classification society.

Tests and trials

Tests of installed equipment are carried out according to the approved program and / or in accordance with the agreed method. Mooring and sea trials of equipment are carried out in order to verify its operation on board a vessel.

Features of installation and commissioning at industrial facilities
To work in accordance with approved documentation

All works on installation / replacement of equipment and systems are carried out in accordance with the developed and duly noted technical documentation.

Preliminary preparation for commissioning

Before the engineers arrive for commissioning, the owner of the new equipment needs to carry out some preparations. When ordering the service, we provide a brief instruction.

Tests and trials

Tests of installed equipment are carried out in order to verify functionality. Confirmation of technical characteristics during trials on a facility is not the goal because the manufacturer guarantees their compliance to data sheet. Tests to confirm technical characteristics are carried out on a factory.

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Service from our group of companies

  • Geography of work without borders!
  • Scope of work - from periodic inspection to overhaul of mechanisms / components / assemblies / systems!
  • Our time terms:
    response to application - 1 day, departure for application - from 3 days, sending spare parts - from 3 days!
  • Warranty for repair - from 6 months!