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Region Power Group (RPG) professionally carries out:

  • manufacture and supply of industrial and shipboard equipment of assimilated nomenclature;
  • supply of industrial and shipboard equipment of companies, which our group has in distribution or in similar collaboration;
  • systems' design and organization of duly coordination of technical documentation with necessary authorities;
  • equipment delivery, installation and commissioning;
  • service maintenance, modernization and repair.


In our catalogue:

  • the range of products and solutions of our own manufacturing;
  • the range of products and solutions of our partners' manufacturing.
Our experience and stages of development

Foundation of the first company of our group.

It is carried out the repair of power plants, electrical equipment and automation of marine ships, as well as repair of ships' hulls and hull structures.


It is caried out the work on installation of equipment and systems on ships, where there are the highest requirements for the quality and reliability of equipment. Gaining experience in the modernization of ships' power plants and systems on board ships, as well as in the design of new systems, we are honing the quality of work.


We start to arrange the supplies of equipment for our projects from abroad: EU countries, Belarus, China, South Korea, Turkey. Over time, manufacturers of high-quality and affordable equipment are being verified.


Foundation of Region Power Group Co.,Ltd. It is a responsible legal entity for the group of companies in their projects.

Assembly of sets and units operating on the basis of the drive with diesel engines (diesel generators, diesel pumps, diesel compressors) is being carried out.
RPG is a Russian manufacturer.


The assembly of sets for ships (diesel generators, diesel gearboxes) is being mastered - the launch of manufacturing of Russian shipboard units based on foreign components. Necessary tests and organization of certification are carried out.
RPG is a Russian manufacturer.


Technical designing is organized. Ships' equipment of different manufactures for various purposes is supplied and installed: rescue, auxiliary, deck, fire, etc.


The unification of companies that were organized at each stage of development into a partner group is being taken place. RPG is a responsible Russian company in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad for the clients of the group according to its profile. The enlargement of the business is carried out with the aim of being able to compete confidently in the market of power units and other equipment for the industrial and marine segment.


Optimization of manufacturing and procurement activities has taken place. Our trademark is under registration.



RS certificates for maritime activity
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