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  1. We provide warranty for our shipboard and land-based sets and units.
  2. We are a dealer of various equipment covered by the manufacturers' warranty.
  3. Warranty obligations apply to all services provided by our technical experts.

Standard warranty period for RPG units, whichever comes first:
12 months from the date of commissioning or 15 months from the date of shipment or 1000 hours of operation (whichever is applicable).


If a unit stopped working before the expiration of warranty period, you must:

  1. Call our contact number. The specialist will give an initial consultation and, as a rule, most of the problems are eliminated by the owner of the equipment independently, guided by recommendations.
  2. If you need the intervention of a service engineer to solve the problem, you need to fill out a report with photos confirming the malfunction and send it to our email address. The report should indicate the brand of equipment, serial number, number of worked hours and describe the defect in details.
  • Our service engineer arrives at the place of operation, carries out repairs and consults technical specialists.
  • If you lost the manual for the supplied equipment, you can send us a request.
Warranty may be lost:
In case when technical operation rules are not observed

Warranty service is not provided in cases where the owner has ignored the documents with rules of technical operation. These are binding documents that are attached to sets of units or to the unit as a whole. They prescribe the rules for maintenance, safety requirements, transportation and storage.

In case when technical maintenance is neglected

If you neglect maintenance, carry out commissioning work incorrectly or in any way damage equipment, you will have to refuse warranty repair.

  • All issues relating to an exchange of equipment are to be solved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Exchange or warranty repair is carried out by manufacturer.
  • For troubleshooting or warranty repairs you must present a warranty card. Warranty service is not provided without mentioned document.
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