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Manufacturing and selection of equipment

  1. We manufacture and test our equipment, organize certification.

  2. We select necessary equipment of our partners for customers, organize certification.


Our Group of companies manufactures

Shipboard sets, units and other equipment*:

Diesel generators of auxiliary and main ships' power plants;

Diesel-reduction units (systems for ships' propulsion based on and driven by internal combustion diesel engines and with gearboxes);

Propulsion shaftline components (intermediate shafts for connecting the output shaft of the gearboxes with shaftlines) and intermediate frames for installing the units on the ship's foundation;

Hoses for fuel transfer with fittings; 
Hose reels.

Land-based sets, units and other equipment*:

Diesel and gas electrical generators; 
Canopies, casings and containers for installation of electrical generators;

Diesel pumps; 
Canopies, casings and containers for installation of diesel pumps;

Diesel compressors; 
Canopies, casings and containers for installation of diesel compressors;

Hoses with fittings (agricultural, fire, for the transfer of petroleum products and for other purposes); 
Hose reels.

* - necessary tests and certification are carried out if required.


I. Packaging of ship's power sets and assemblies

Propulsion and electrical power sets of marine and river ships are always installed in engine rooms without any casings or containers.


II. Packaging of land-based sets and assemblies

Protective type:

  1. weatherproof canopy

  2. soundproof enclosure (scilent)

Advantages of a solution in protective casing
Simplified installation

One does not require the preparation of a special compartment for the installation of equipment.

Noise protection

It allows to install the unit in a residential area.

Mechanical damage protection

Canopy or any casing protect the unit during transportation and in operation.


Protects against unauthorized access.

Fire safety

All casing materials are fireproof.

Convenient service

Casing does not stop maintenance and repair.


Container type:

  1. standard marine container

  2. steel container of required dimentions

  3. container walled with sandwich panels

Advantages of a solution in container
Simplified installation

A container saves time for installation of set, reduces the cost of building premises.

Sound absorption

It reduces sound vibrations from a running unit.

Mechanical damage protection

Container protects the unit during transportation and in operation.


Protects against unauthorized access.

Protection from rough weather conditions

Insulation, internal ventilation and heating systems of the container allow the unit to be used under temperatures from -60 ° C up to + 50 ° C. 

For severe climatic conditions with low temperatures, isulated containers are in demand. They are of "Sever" type - walled with sandwich panels and "Sever-M" type - steel container insulated with non-combustible mineral wool.

Fire safety

Fire extinguishing system will start automatically and save equipment from fire.

Convenient service

There is enough space inside the container for convenient service.


Mobile package:

  1. on a tractor trailer or on an ordinary trailer

  2. on sleigh or runners

  3. on a truck of different brands

Advantages of a mobile solution
Saving in overhead costs

Savings when moving between objects.

Mobility and optimization of fleet of machinery

Mobility is the most important advantage, which allows you to reserve several objects at once, on which there is a need to provide periodic power supply. When transporting, there is no need to use lifting equipment.

Significantly reduces the time before starting work implementing a project

There is no need to deal with the foundation and the construction of the premises for a unit, which is delivered in a soundproof / protective casing.

Easy service

The unit can easily be delivered to the place of maintenance.

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