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Our possibilities:

  1. We carry out modernization of ships' systems and equipment. We carry out necessary coordination with manufacturers of mechanisms, components, assemblies and other equipment as well as coordination with classification societies.
  2. We modernize our own equipment for shipboard and land purposes (see the Manufacturing section), which allows us to add new options, improve the design, or completely replace the units.
  3. We change a degree of automation of our and other equipment.

Planning modernization, we evaluate the economic feasibility for the customer, provide alternative options for the purchase of new equipment.
We carry out a preliminary assessment of the possibility of coordinating the planned changes with supervisory authorities and / or classification societies, depending on what is applicable.

Features of modernization of marine equipment and systems
Re-equipment and modernization

Re-equipment is, as a rule, an aggregate replacement of equipment and systems. Modernization in the sense in which we consider it to explain the capabilities of our group of companies is a change made to the unit / assembly / mechanism or system in order to meet the necessary requirements of the owner or national / international standards.

Object of technical supervision

It is necessary to determine whether the object of modernization is included in the nomenclature of objects of the technical supervision of authoritative body and evaluate the possibility of coordination taking into account the experience and practice of safe operation.

Coordination with an equipment manufacturer

Any modernization of marine equipment should be agreed with the manufacturer of this equipment and take into account previously conducted tests and issued certificates. Any changes should be carried out with the approval of the manufacturer and with the approval of the technical supervision authority.

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Service from our group of companies

  • Geography of work without borders!
  • Scope of work - from periodic inspection to overhaul of mechanisms / components / assemblies / systems!
  • Our time terms:
    response to application - 1 day, departure for application - from 3 days, sending spare parts - from 3 days!
  • Warranty for repair - from 6 months!